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Maastricht is a wonderful city for enjoying Burgundian food, trendy shopping or just strolling through the old streets full of cultural surprises.

On the market, a square directly across the bridge, is Entre Deux. This is less than 7 minutes walking distance from the house. Here you will find small specialty shops, but also the large chains such as H&M, Zara, Mango and Siebel.
Of course, the shopping does not stop at Entre Deux. Spread over the entire city center you will find a huge range of nice shops. Two stores that should not be left unattended during your shopping adventure are Ki de Ku and Traders Pop. Ki de Ku is a cute ”have things” shop, which is located around the corner from the house in the second part of the Rechtstraat. Traders Pop is a trendy store with a fantastic collection. They sell everything from the latest sneakers to vintage clothes. In addition to the shop, it also has a gallery and a bar. This shop is located in the Heggenstraat, a side street of the Amorsplein. Maastricht also has its own variant of the P.C. Hooftstraat: the Stokstraat. Here it is to see and be seen!

In the Wycker Brugstraat you will find several delicious delicates. There is an excellent confectioner: ”Patisserie Royal”, a fantastic cheese shop and a good butcher: ”Schürmann”. Around the corner in the Rechtstraat you will find a traditional bread shop, a delicious Indonesian toko and a fish shop with an extensive range.

There is also an Albert Heijn nice and close to the holiday home, located on the Céramique square.

Maastricht is full of tasty eateries, but we have our own favourites. For example, there is a delicious Italian: Gio’s, located on the Vrijthof. There are also wonderful restaurants around the corner from the house in the Rechtstraat. For example, the fish restaurant ”O” serves delicious dishes, as does the cozy Italian restaurant ”Quattro Mori”. In addition, there is a small authentic cafe called ”’T Pothuiske”, it is located just over the bridge directly on the left. This cafe serves every kind of beer you can imagine and also serves delicious Limburg dishes. There is also a nice little restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Limburgian food, ”Café Sjiek”, located on the corner of Begijnenstraat and Sint Pieterstraat. Finally, there is a very nice square, the ” Onze Lieve Vrouwenplein ”; here are also two wonderful restaurants, for example ‘T Plenkske. This restaurant serves delicious French cuisine with a touch of Limburg. ‘T Klaoske is another restaurant in the Plankstraat with a good kitchen. If you want to make it very culinary, you can go to Beluga, this restaurant with 2 Michelin stars is only a 10-minute walk from the house.

Bent You just looking for a nice cup of coffee and a sandwich, then you should go to Coffee Lovers, near the house on the square Céramique. Or to Café Zondag, which is located on the corner of Rechtstraat and Wycker Brugstraat: in other words, around the corner.

Maastricht is also a large cultural center ; for example, you can visit one of the beautiful museums, such as the Bonnefanten Museum, the Spanish Government or the Natural History Museum. In addition, there are many nice galleries that you can visit.

The Sint Servaas Basilica is a real must for church lovers, as is the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Sterre der Zee basilica. , with a beautiful chapel where many visitors light a candle.

Other activities
The marl caves at St. Peter’s are also definitely worth a visit, they are part of of the largest marl cave system in Limburg.
Around the corner of the house is the beautiful Minerva cinema, where you can relax and watch a film.

Nearby cities
In Maastricht you are very close to other beautiful towns and cities, making Maastricht the perfect home base for city trips. For example, you can visit the beautiful antique market of Tongeren. Or go shopping in Liège or Aachen.


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